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Dillon West (Lit West) is a unsigned rapper from Natchez Mississippi that is trying to make it in the rap game. Growing up Dillon always wanted to be a fireman which provoked him to start wearing red boots and running around screaming that he was a fire man. Shortly after Dillon passed to the 2nd grade all of that changed. When Dillon got older he discovered a new network that was out called B.E.T that had alot of rappers on it spitting rhymes and doing videos. Dillon then started competing with his friends at the lunch table by spitting rhymes that he had originally wrote on paper and then would come back to school the next day to spit them. At the lunch table Dillon always lost the competition so he decided to do what all of his friends were doing and that was to just focus on something else other then rap. Then around late 2002 this new movie called "Drumline", starring Nick Cannon, had came out and Dillon decided to play the drums. Three years had passed and then Dillon had made it to the fifth grade and that is when he started practicing to play the snare drum for his 6th grade year. When Dillon made it to the 6th grade he finally had accomplished one of his dream goals in life and that was to play the snare drum. Another year had passed and Dillon was now in the middle school and he didn't this time make it on the snare drum and that was because he didn't pass the audition test. Since he didn't make it he decided to once again try to the rap thing out and this time he decided that if he wasn't go proceed with it he was go quit trying. One hot summer day Dillon found his mom new camera sitting on the table and he turned it on and did a freestyle to it. Dillon uploaded the footage to YouTube and posted a link to the video on his "Bebo" page which was the social networking site that was "Popping" at that time. About three days later Dillon received some negative feedback and some good feedback so then he decided to keep doing the whole rap thing. One of his close friends named Adrian was making bebo skins around the time and he decided that he was go do the same thing and him and Adrian hooked up and they had the web going crazy over their bebo skins. Another year had passed and when Dillon was in the 8th grade he hooked up with this guy from North Carolina named Devin A.K.A "Mello D". Mello D wanted Dillon and his freind Adrian to make a mixtape cover for him because he heard that they were pretty good so Adrian and Dillon hooked up and they both helped each other make the mixtape cover. After they did that Mello D explained to them both how to record and make their own music. To make a long story short Dillon and Adrian both started making music on this program called Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and they got known also for making music. Another year passed and now Dillon is in high school. His 9th grade year he really got known after he dropped his first mixtape called "Lit West Im Too Hot" which had a feature from two artists around the school "Lit Codie" and "G-Money". After Lit West got known around the school he got a phone call from one his friends named "Shaydelle" and he told him that their was this rap group that him and his freind "K Mac" were coming up with and they wanted to know if he wanted to join. Dillon said yea and they been rapping at different shows around Natchez since and they also had a show in Alexandria and that was when Dillon and his other friend "Jarius" had made a song called "Ice Over Here" the night before the show and they wanted to see how the crowd would react. The crowd reaction was great and Dillon and Jarius have been making hits since. Another year passed and this brings you to the present and right now Dillon is getting ready for his next show at his high school Natchez High. Other then that Dillon is hoping to get signed soon so he can get his friends out the hood, get his family a new home, give back to the community, and be able to sell records.

Interests:Souljaboy and Lil Boosie
Why: The reason why I like souljaboy is because he got signed as a teenager also from mississippi and he used the computer to get signed. The reason why I like Lil Boosie is because he showed that even though he,s a superstar he dosent seperate his self from the community and he gives back to the community

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