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Classic The Legend represents that raw. You remember the first time you heard biggie say "it was all a dream" you knew that was a moment where the hip hop landscape would be changed forever. Classic The Legend lives in that moment. You can hear the urgency,desperation and hunger in every line he spits.Its that raw unfiltered truth,that back against the wall, now or never, I don't give a damn what you say I'm going to make it mentality that defines Classic The Legend reason for existing. He takes bangin' hit you in the head beats and transforms them into masterful pieces of artistic expressions.You feel his story because it's the story of a dream, and everybody has a dream. You will never hear Classic The Legend talk about how paid he was before he got in this rap game because if he did he'd be lying, everyday is a struggle to keep striving for greatness while in the midst of ordinary. The struggle to keep yourself believing that what you feel in your heart is the actual reality and not the constant appearance of lack, dissapointment and frustration that surrounds you daily. His lyrics are a lesson in how wordplay is as important to creating great music as the beat is and in most cases more important. Simply put, Classic The Legend is that RAW.
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