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TALENTED. That's not her name, but that is one of many words to describe her. Living in Milwaukee, WI won't stop her from getting around. Singer/Songwriter and recording artist, Taneeshia Yvonne is known everywhere from thousands of views on her channel on You Tube to thousands listening to her songs on internet radio. She was well known as NeNe (her nick name), growing up at home. But she is Taneeshia Yvonne on stage and in front of the camera.

Coming from a family with a musical background, Taneeshia Yvonne is the one to make her music career happen. She show's off her creativity and takes music to a new level. Yes, she can sing! But, "I'm a songwriter first," is what she says when asked. "I love being creative with my writing!" She started writing at the age of 10 in 2001. "The first song I ever wrote was titled Secret Crush. But I wasn't into boys yet. I would always listen to other people's stories and I would take their stories and use them as ideas for songs." After that first song, she's been writing many songs since then. However, no one knew the the musical side of Taneeshia Yvonne. They didn't know her mother's voice had passed down to her. They always knew her being quiet and shy.

Taneeshia Yvonne took everyone by storm when coming out of her shell 9 years later after recording her HOT 2010 single titled Totally Incompatible! She performed her first recorded single several times leaving the crowd wanting more. That's what caught the attention of the Expect More TV crowd. Its recent debut in the TV studio for episode one filmed onsite of Time Warner public access Channel 96 on May 22nd of 2010. Taneeshia Yvonne leaves her audience wanting more as she steps off stage leaving the entertainment company Expect More with the sweet taste for its name given the feeling of Expect More which is what it is all about. Taneeshia Yvonne won her first three week competition just coming into the 3rd week of the competition singing Totally Incompatible June 13, 2010 in Milwaukee, WI at the Time Cinema Theater.

It's 2011! A new year and a now a new HOT single "Movin On," from this talented young lady. After posting the song on YouTube and FaceBook, it's climbing to the top. It even caught the attention of Atlantic Records R&B recording artist, Young Steff's manager at Larock Management as well as another song that maybe on Justin Bieber's next album. Taneeshia Yvonne is highly anticipated by her growing fan base and they all wish to know what's next on her list.

Taneeshia Yvonne


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