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Hey we're the KB'Z , we're one of the hottest rap crew in Perth City. We're a group built by local boys who love to rap that originated from Africa. The name 'KB' was placed upon us by the members of the group because it's the name of the language most members in the group speak. We as the group started to bring up our selves around about 2008, this was the date the first members joined the KB'Z. Ever since this date we've been working hard to maintain the group and keep us together during hard times and break always such as holidays and family problems. Most of the KB'Z attend high school in order to keep their space in the group because its a way to keep your 'MAMA' proud and keep out of trouble. A few member complete high school in 2010 and the youngest member Alex completes in 2012 getting left back by Justin, david and Richard. The members are Justin Zinga- Zinga J, David Bala- King David, Fernando- Y-D, Richard- R double L, Alex Johnson- The Ali King, Conise- Weed, Daniel- Big ZEE, Samuel- 7X and Orlando. So we ask you people (our fans) to vote for our music and buy albums on line if on sale.


Kind regard

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