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How Stars Work 

Instructional Videos:

1st  Video at bottom of page  -  Getting Started

2nd Video at bottom of page -  Embedding a Video

3rd Video at bottom of page -   Setting Up a Battle

4rd Video at bottom of page -   Decorating Your Page

5rd Video at bottom of page -   Voting



 What is StarsOfWWW?

StarsOfWWW is where you the people get to determine what’s hot and what’s not.  The music lovers and buyers take the power back from big business and decide who should be seen. New Talent fuels any industry. Lately the chant has been “That hip hop and the artists with real talent are dead”.   Stars was born to resurrect true talent  and then showcase the best  talent.

How does it work?

As an artist, your first step is to embed your music or video and decide which category to enter. Then, fans tell you what they think about it. You can campaign and propel your way to the No 1 spot. Our unique judging system makes sure that each piece is judged fairly by the real audience no rigging, no cheating, and no celebrity judges. At the end of each month, the top 2  in each category go head-to-head in our Final Two Contest Page to determine our Grand Prize winner. As a fan, you help decide who win while discovering  Hot New Talent. Winners will win prizes!

How do I listen to music?

It's easy! Just go to the Music Pick of the Week or the “My Music” section on any user’s profile that has music.

Who owns/runs StarsOfWWW?

StarsOfWWW was started and funded by enthusiasts and private investors who are really passionate about one thing: bringing true democracy to entertainment. Our aim is to make sure that artists gets a fair shot... and that fans can find emerging artists they’ll love.

Why should I submit my work?

StarsOfWWW.com showcases the Stars if you are a Star you need to be here.  Don’t get lost in a sea of garbage. The people will put the cream of the crop in there proper light on Stars.  This is a brand new and exciting way for you to succeed as an artist. Our site is designed to leverage the power of the Internet to connect fans to emerging artists. You get exposure to new fans through our ranking and judging system. You can track fans with a fan club and comments. There is a monthly cash prize for top winners. You may also get additional exposure and prizes through our soon to be release TV outlet.

How does the ranking engine work?

The ranking or judging is done by a tally of the votes.  One vote for each user during the contest period then, all of the rankings from all of the users is tallied together and the ranking engine bubbles up the best items to the top!

Judging and Contests

How do the competitions work?

The competitions are monthly, so you have a new opportunity to win every month. You upload your work and enter contests. The fans log in and judge.
At any time during the month you can view the leading contestant from each category on the Home page under the Top # 1’s.   Also, you can go to the Top Ten category to see the top contestants in each category.

At midnight on the last Friday of every month the Final Two Contest will begin.  During this time there will only be voting on the Final Two Battle.  However, you are still free to use the site and it features.

How do I judge an item?

Click on one of the four categories ….view the video …then select a rating for that video.   Also you can view all videos from any profile and select one video from each of their categories to vote on.  

What can I submit? What are the rules about submissions?
Why should I submit my work?

StarsOfWWW is a brand new and exciting way for you to succeed as an artist. Our site is designed to leverage the power of the Internet to connect fans to emerging artists. You get exposure to new fans through our ranking and judging system. There is a monthly cash prize for the top entry in each category. You may also get additional exposure and prizes through our partners.

How many times can I submit something?

You can embed as many videos as you like for each category. However, the more videos you have the lesser your changes of winning because your total votes will be spread about many video.  The best choice is to choose your best video and have as many friends as possible vote on that one video.  Also be sure to use all the tools available to help you get votes.   You can send out invites to all your friends Also you can use “share your voting code” to send to your friends which automatically put them on your page to vote for your video.

How do I submit my songs or my videos?

Click on “My Page” after you sign in and go to “Upload change video”. From here you can upload video to any of the categories that you have entered as a contestant

Are non-US contributors allowed on StarsOfWWW?

Yes! We welcome submissions and fans from anywhere in the world.

Hey, someone submitted my stuff! What do I do?

Contact us using the feedback link at the bottom of the Home Page. We will give you the details for confirming your identity and ownership so that we can correct the situation.

Can I post stuff I didn’t make?

No! We don’t deal with imitator We want only the real thing StarsOfWWW is a place for emerging artists, so don’t rip off anyone else work. If you do place copyright infringing material on the site, you’ll most likely get the hook. Our Community has the power to point out and kick off people who don’t play by the rules.

What can’t I submit?

Porn is not allowed on  StarsOfWWW .com. Anyone submitting objectionable content is liable to get their account terminated.   You will lose any chance you had to win.

What formats can I submit my song or video in?

For songs:
Upload the highest-quality audio file you can, which may be an uncompressed .wav or an MP3 with a bit rate of 256 Kbps or greater. Do not upload a music file that has copyright protection embedded in it, as this will prevent it from working on our site.
Accepted upload formats: mp3, wav, ogg, m4a
Maximum duration: 5 Minutes

My Profile

You can also easily communicate with your fans and learn more about who they are by viewing their own profile pages, because every registered user of StarsOfWWW can now share themselves with the community, even if they're just a fan and not a contestant themselves.

How do I edit My Profile?

To edit anything in your profile, just click on the "Edit  Profile" button on the My page

Banners, Players, and Promoting Entries on StarsOfWWW

How can I promote my entry on StarsOfWWW?

We provide two easy ways to help promote your entry on StarsOfWWW.
The first is by providing pre-made banners that show off your work on StarsOfWWW and that will click through to your video list where your fans can register and participate in our site. This banner can be embedded virtually anywhere - Your MySpace page, an email, or a personal website. To create a banner to place on the Web, Just cut and paste the “share you voting code”  and insert HTML code, to your MySpace, Facebook, or a personal blog or website!

The second method is by using the share site/Invite Friends tab where you can send a preformatted email to the friends .

How can I create a Banner from my StarsOfWWW entry?

In short, you don't have to! StarsOfWWW does this work for you. Just cut and paste the “share you voting code”  and insert HTML code, to your MySpace, Facebook, or a personal blog or website!

Can I put the songs that I buy on my iPod/Zune/Rio/etc.?

Of course! You can transfer these songs to any media player that supports MP3 files. This includes the iPod, Zune, Rio, and virtually every other media player on the market.

Technical Issues

System Requirements for StarsOfWWW.com

StarsOfWWW.com uses some of the latest in Internet web-browsing technology. As a result, we need our viewers to have at least Macromedia Flash 8 installed. Version 9 is best. If you aren’t sure if you have Flash installed or if your version is new enough, you can check by going to Macromedia’s Flash site here: Macromedia Flash <http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/about/>  
We also highly recommend using Internet Explorer <http://www.microsoft.com/>  or Mozilla Firefox <http://www.getfirefox.com/>  on Windows machines, or if you are on a Mac, using Safari <http://www.apple.com/safari> , Firefox <http://www.getfirefox.com/> , or Opera <http://www.opera.com/> .. We also recommend using a broadband internet connection to view StarsOfWWW.com, because of the speed requirements for streaming video and audio.

Why are some images on the site not displaying? (And I use AOL.)

Unfortunately, AOL's built-in browser does not display some of the images on the StarsOfWWW website. As a result, we strongly recommend using a different browser for viewing StarsOfWWW. We highly recommend using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox on Windows machines, or if you are on a Mac, using Safari, Firefox, or Opera.

When I click on a song, it doesn’t start playing. Why not?

This may be because you do not have Flash installed on your computer. If you do have Flash and you still are unable to play the media on our site, drop us a line using the feedback link on the bottom of the Home Page.

I had a problem when doing something on your site! What do I do?

If you have the misfortune of having any errors on StarsOfWWW, or something doesn't work the way you expect, feel free to write our technical support staff. The technical support email address is techhelp@StarsOfWWW.com  or using the feedback link on the bottom of the Home Page.


If I win a competition, what do I get?

Cash and Prizes and a possible chance to appear on a TV Show.  Actual Prizes will be announced on the Stars Site.

How do I know if I’m a winner?

We will let you know if you are a winner via your stars email account.  Also, you will be able to see your rank at all times on the StarsOfWWW.com site. These rankings are not always final at the last minutes of a month because of lag time in calculating scores or collecting all votes, so your rank may not be final.

How many times can I win

You are eligible to win every 6 months using a different Video.  The site owners have the right to make exceptions to this and any other rules that are stated on this link.

Additional Feature

What is My Battle

My Battle is an area that each user has where they can set up a personal battle between two videos.  You have the ability to “Share this battle with your friend” via a link on your battle page so your friends can decide which is the best.  So even if you don’t make it to the Final Two Contest at the end of the month, you can have your own personal Final Two Battle on your own page.  Feel Free to change this battle as much as you like.


Getting Started
Embedding a Video
Setting Up a Battle
Decorating Your Page


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