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YouTube Steals Idea From One Of It"s Content Producers
with KIA in the Driver"s Seat

(New York) October 6, 2013 Walk The Talk (WTT), a small start up company
who launched the beta site, honors the stars of YouTube (YT)and Facebook artists; Internet's Best Talent (IBT) videos are created with some
of the stars of YouTube and Grammy Award Winning performers recognizing YT stars.

Charles Roberson and Jeff Moore, co-founders of WTT were in the process of producing the "Internet's Best Talent First Music Award Show" during the
weekend of VidCon 2013. Walk The Talk had a contract to host the event at the glamorous Grove of Anaheim. Various additional aspects were in place including contacts with YT stars and sponsors.

WTT, LLC presented KIA Motors with an extensive concept for sponsoring the
award show. KIA signed and submitted a non-disclosure for an idea that clearly would benefit them (and all parties involved) extensively with a minimally tapped audience. KIA, enthralled by the idea opened its doors to their advertising talent agency, US Initiative.

After several revisions to proposals by WTT, in person and phone meetings and prodigious email communications it appeared that KIA would be the lead,
presenting sponsor for WTT"s Award Show.

Things took a drastic turn when WTT realized that KIA’s financial commitment
was slated for VidCon instead of their award show; KIA was informed of VidCon by WTT. During VidCon 13 WTT was asked by Initiative if they were the driving force behind the YouTube/KIA upcoming award show. WTT was oblivious of a
KIA/YT award show. WTT approached their KIA contact; there was a gag order
in place but WTT was assured that the award shows were not similar. In WTT
approaching YT, they denied the development of an award show due to various

October 2, 2013 WTT was suprised at an email announcement from YT
regarding an award show hosted by Lady Gaga presented by KIA on
November 3, 2013. The upcoming award show entails many of the same points submitted to KIA by WTT. To date WTT has neither received credit or

Walk the Talk, LLC (, is a collective that consist of producers, directors, editors, web designers,
programmers and artists, contributing a wealth of knowledge, talent and creativityas a multi-media entertainment company. WTT's team has over 30 years
combined experience. SOWWW is the global introduction to WTT.

KIA ( Founded in 1944 and is Korea's oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 2.7 million Kia vehicles a year are produced in nine manufacturing and assembly operations.

YouTube: YouTube is the world's most popular online video community allowing more than a billion people to discover, watch and share originally created videos.

US Initiative
Initiative is a media, marketing and digital company.

Initiative is owned by the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) and is a global network within the company’s IPG Mediabrands unit. Initiative employs more than 2500 employees.

Organized by Hank Green and John Green of the Vlogbrothers YouTube
channel. VidCon is the largest gathering of the online video viewers,
creators, and industry representatives worldwide.

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