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Marc Bars aka Mr. Metaphor
Artist Marc Bars aka Mr. Metaphor
Album The Evolution of Marc Bars
Record label Rawkus records
Reviewer Taisha Brooke Rivera
Marc Bars aka Mr. Metaphor

Marc Bars aka Mr. Metaphor has just dropped the highly anticipated album The Evolution of Marc Bars, through Rawkus records. Although Mr. Metaphor is not new to the scene, you might have heard him on the Lyricist Lounge Volume 1 double disc (Famous Last Words and Outside the Lounge ft. Talib Kweli). He is part of the Rawkus 50 and also a founding member of Brooklyn Academy, which entails some of the most raw, underground Hip-Hop artists.

Marc Bars is not only an MC, he is a producer, singer, event organizer, studio engineer and songwriter; in fact, he just returned from the Splash Festival in Amsterdam with Sean price, Cannibus, Black Milk and others. He is also organizing a European tour for April/May. Aside from music, Marc is a nine-to-fiver social worker doing 9/11 disaster relief and a caseworker for international social services, so your boy gets it in, in every angle.

What he is, without a doubt, is reborn as Marc Bars. The evolution of Marc Bars has a nostalgic 90's influence to it. While u go through his tracks listening to his flow and beats u can decipher who those influences are which he subsequently mentions in "Rebirth." Marc Bars gives you a chance to walk in his shoes in "Free My Soul" which gives you a glimpse of his pain and struggle as an artist and human being.

Deeply rooted in the underground, Marc bars brings back the art form with all the raw elements that a true emcee embodies through tracks that give you an adrenaline rush such as "Who is He," and "Click-Click". You are in for a treat when he exposes his inherited French roots—by way of his mother—

rapping to you in what he calls Franglsih (French/ English) in "Une Histoir." It kind of makes you wish you had taken French as an elective back in the days.

The album includes guest appearances such as Killa Priest, Pumpkinhead, Block McCloud, War Bixby, Raw Doggz and more to lay down the polish on this banger.

The Evolution of Marc Bars is without a doubt proof that Hip-Hop is not dead. When asked what he thought about that phrase, he stated to me:


"The reason why people say Hip-Hop is dead is because of the content. We mostly see Hip-Hop videos that flaunt money, power, and sex. I believe the consumer has gotten lazy. People don't 'Dig' in the crates anymore. They rely on TV and radio for music. There is so much good Hip-Hop music out there. Hip-Hop will never die. It's impossible. It's too powerful. And it represents too much!"


Enough said.


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