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We are very excited to announce the winner to our 1st contest. Shaystar pack your bags you are coming to NY. She will be able to sit down with 3 major A&R's to get her music evaluated and direct feedback. We hope they love her music and she lands a GREAT DEAL. She received 1143 Out Of 119 Votes LilDale66 came into second place with 715 Out Of 112 Votes Thanks to everyone who shared their talent. Stay tuned for additional opportunities and contests. Check out our "Internet's Best" segments. We find the best Internet talent. If you have any suggestions please let us know. This is your site. Much Success in all your endeavors Congratulation again Shaystar you are coming to the Empire State (NY) and we will document your meeting with the A &R's for StarsofWWW.com TV. Check the site for that footage.  


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